(Oct 3, 2016 – 2 Video’s UPDATED)

Welcome to the Animated Officials Manual.  The goal of this website is simple – to help you become a better official.  The videos and information contained within this site are not intended to replace any current education, training or hardcopy Officials Manual that you have, but rather to supplement those items with a new format that I hope you will find informative and enlightening.

The Animated Officials Manual was created specifically for the Hamilton, Ontario Board of Approved Basketball Officials, though membership is currently free and open to all officials who wish to join.  The version contained on this website is based on the 2015 CABO approved 2-person FIBA mechanics for use in Canada (2016 updates and 3-person information are being added as it is completed).  The CABO mechanics include modifications approved by FIBA – for example, no “work left” or “preferred diagonal” – so some sections may not be appropriate for international use.  Also keep in mind that this presentation has been updated for officiating techniques published by FIBA up to 2016.  A great deal of thanks goes to Tim Laurain for authoring the CABO version of the FIBA manual that is used as a basis for this version of the Animated Officials Manual.

Be aware that this manual includes some topics that are not covered in the CABO / FIBA manual and some techniques & terminology that you may find unique to the Hamilton Board of Approved Basketball Officials. Take from this manual what you wish, disregard what you feel is not helpful and use this presentation to help improve your game.

Thanks for viewing!

Jeff Lack, Creator & Author of The Animated Officials Manual

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